The Misconceptions about Peptides and their Use

Oftentimes the only exposure someone may have had to the word “Peptide” is through stories  featured in the news regarding peptide use in professional sport. Unfortunately this coverage has neither educated nor painted an accurate picture of peptides and their mechanism of action. As it pertains to science, even understanding its role and benefit is cumbersome if you are unfamiliar with the reading and comprehension of medical and technical terminology.

There are a number of preconceptions and misconceptions regarding peptides and their use. Peptides have a great variety of therapeutic uses and much of their information has been reinterpreted unfairly by those not acknowledging their full potential. Legal regulations are such that accessing information explaining a peptide by name and its mechanism of action is prohibited in Australia, without first pre qualifying the patient. Information is then hidden away behind a secured login – away from prying eyes.

Peptides are illegal

Peptides are not illegal. They are a schedule 4 prescription only medicine. Peptides are legal with a prescription from a qualified medical practitioner.

Peptides are steroids

No peptides are small proteins:

Peptides often get confused with steroids. This is due to the fact that a number of peptides off anabolic results. The anabolic effects is what has made peptides rather popular in bodybuilding circles. Most proteins in the body are ultimately used to become building blocks for other circulating cells.  Others will be used as energy. These short proteins  or small proteins (peptides)are the communicators and act almost identical to hormones.

Peptide hormones are like all other hormones. They can travel throughout the blood stream with the flexibility to visit all parts of the body. It is proposed that the associated risk in peptide therapies is far less than that of steroid hormones. Peptides are vital elements for the human body and when administered properly the effects are quite extraordinary.  The use of peptides is associated with a number of advantages including recuperation, cell growth, strengthening of the body’s immune system , improved sleep and metabolism.

  • All Peptides are performance enhancing – Some peptides are performance enhancing. Peptides are hormone correcting.

Not all peptides are performance enhancing. Peptides merely communicate within the body the desire to function as nature intended, in its optimal capacity – not at an age deficit. Resolving hormonal imbalances improves the quality of life for those experiencing ageing. One might question, whether the enhancement is of unfair advantage when the patient exhibits both a functional and physiological deficiency.

Aged athletes and team players go head to head competing with athletes sometimes 15 years younger. Certainly the years of training and skill acquired over the years playing give the aged athlete an advantage, yet when matched up against a much younger constitution – physical vulnerabilities vs capabilities are influenced largely by what the hormones are instructing the body to do.

  • Peptides are just for bodybuilders – Peptides are used by anyone who want to correct their hormonal messages 

Peptides Australia are popular in the world of bodybuilding for the pure fact that bodybuilders know a great deal about their bodies and how to maximise their performance.  Bodybuilders typically know that everything we consume or expose our bodies to can make a positive or negative shift in the dynamics.  Peptides are not just for bodybuilders. Peptides have many purposes and can benefit a great number of people. Register to access more information and review clinical research, studies and testimonials.

  • Peptides have to be injected – Peptides are available in transdermal creams which are easy to apply. They are also available in a sublingual troche to absorb under the tongue.

Peptides are injected by those who prefer to administer them this way. There are other methods of administration available allowing anyone the benefit from peptide therapy. Peptides are available in a transdermal cream or sublingual troche.