The Female Libido: How To Increase Your Sex Drive

The female libido

There’s plenty known about the male libido. Duh. The female libido, on the other hand is beautiful and complex and lesser known about. One myth is that a woman’s libido is more controlled than a man’s and there is also a general sense that the female libido might not be quite as vigorous as a man’s. These are myths — a woman’s desire is as strong (if not stronger) than a man’s. Women do, however, suffer from lowered sex drive at different times in their lives and for a long time, very little was known why.

In recent years, more attention to the female libido has also garnered more research and more knowledge — finally, researchers took on a fun job! This not only means we understand more about a woman’s sex drive, we also know how to help women live their full experience.

Why Do Women Experience Low Libido?

While there are factors still unknown, a lowered libido is primarily the result of lower testosterone levels, which effects women just as it does men. This seems to happen in some most well documented scenarios: some biological, others a little more tricky.

  • Women might experience a slowing libido when they’ve been in a relationship a long time and are not quite as keen for their lover as in the honeymoon months.
  • Many women experience a limited libido as a side effect of taking a contraceptive pill, which has been researched and documented.
  • As women age, they are more likely to experience a slowing down of the testosterone.
  • And then there are many speculated and unknown reasons.

How to Get That Mojo Back

  • Use your imagination. This can be as G-rated or as X-rated as a woman chooses —research has shown that fantasy can be everything for sexual desire.
  • Get healthy: the healthier the lifestyle, the more balanced the body system.
  • Drink just the right amount: a glass or two is a perfect lubricant; beyond that and the system needs to work too hard for peak performance.
  • Investigate and switch birth control pills.
  • Find a new relationship. (We’re just quoting the experts here!)
  • Peptides can also be applied topically to increase sensitivity.