Sexy Thick Hairstyles for Men

5 hairstyles for thick hair

Did you know that most men will experience hair loss at some stage of their life even as early as their 20’s and 30’s and that men will experience hair loss much earlier than women? It sucks, but it’s reality. More so, the most common reason why people think they start hair loss early is due to family genetics but that’s not always the case. In a recent article, it was found that causes for hair loss can include physical stress, lack of protein, dramatic weight loss and health issues like hypothyroidism, and lupus.

In a survey conducted, over 70% of men found that hair was an important feature of their image and 42% even had a fear of becoming bald. And who’s to blame them? Signs of hair loss often means signs of the inevitable dreaded ageing process.

If your hair has begun to thin out and you want it to stop – check out our hair regrowth medications available for purchase at Peptide Clinic. To further stop the hair loss, the Hair By Science serum also has proven results in both pausing and preventing hair loss, with the added benefit of applying from home. For best results, get started early with a preventive method.

In the meantime, get the best of thick hair by choosing a great style. For your inspiration board, we’ve even found 3 trendy hairstyles for thick hair for some hair inspiration. Who knew there could be so many cool things you could do with thick hair!

The styled undercut

Once you get your thick hair you must try this funky hairstyle. Shave it on one side then style it to the left, right and to the top!


Curls get the girls

It’s curly but it’s styled in a sleep and sophisticated way. We approve.



Now this hairstyle has young business professional written all over it. Great for someone who wants to go to work, look professional and still look stylish.