A Guide to Cottonseed Oil

Cottonseed oil is said to be very low in trans-fat. It is also a much healthier option when compared to the other oils that are available, and this includes soybean oil, canola oil and even sunflower oil. In the US, around 60% of the crops that are harvested in the cotton fields are put down to cottonseed. Of course, cottonseed oil is a common ingredient in many different types of processed foods and it is also very common in animal feed as well. Cottonseed is one of the top cooking oils in the US as well, but is it as good for you as you’d think? We’re about to find out.

What Is Cottonseed Oil?

Cottonseed oil is one of the most common vegetable oils in the US. It is even often referred to as being the original oil and it has been a staple of the American diet for hundreds of years. It has been in very high demand for long periods of time and it is especially low in trans fat as well. According to those who support it, it helps to make it a much healthier option. Vegetable oil is often used for deep-frying, frying and even baking. This is all because of its neutral taste. You will also find that cottonseed oil is said to naturally enhance the flavour and the taste of food.

Other oils have said to leave a dirty taste in the mouth, or even a taste that feels greasy. You will also find that cottonseed oil is normally used in processed foods as well. It is common in icing, margarine and even whipped toppings. The main reason why cottonseed oil is used is because it forms a beta prime crystal and this helps to promote the best texture with a creamy appearance. On top of this, cottonseed oil is commonly added to things like salads as well and it is very commonly used in laundry detergent as well.

So when you look at unrefined cottonseed oil, you will find that this is used in medicine and it is used to treat a disease called colic in babies. It does contain a substance called gossypol as well, and this can only be metabolised by cows and any other types of livestock

Cottonseed Oil Composition

Cottonseed oil is polyunsaturated fat and when combined with linoleic acid you will find that this makes up most of the content. Cottonseed oil is 27% saturated fat, 55% polyunsaturated fat and 18% monounsaturated fat.

Benefits of Cottonseed Oil

A lot of people state that cottonseed oil is a very healthy alternative when compared to tropical oils and this is all because it has very high levels of unsaturated fat. Findings have shown that it also has very high levels of cholesterol lowering abilities as well. This is especially the case when it comes to LDL cholesterol. Cottonseed oil also has very high levels of Vitamin E and it is the most practical choice when compared to other oils. If you were to take a look at almond oil, you’ll see that it is expensive and it can sometimes give a bitter flavour, so this is something that should be avoided where possible.

Out of the three oils that are available, and this includes almond oil and even wheat germ oil, you will find that cottonseed oil is one of the best for you and it is also ideal if you want to try and get the best result out of your cooking in general. Vitamin E plays a huge role when it comes to disease prevention and it can even help you with things such as Alzheimer’s as well. You can actually get this from cottonseed oil and it is a brilliant way for you to really make sure that your body is getting all the help it needs when it comes to fighting disease and infection.

How Does Cottonseed Oil Work?

Obviously, the main use for cottonseed oil is for cooking. It has an incredibly long shelf life and it is very stable as well. It is however, advised that you only buy a few months’ supply at once. The main reason for this is because the older the oil is, the less it can benefit you. If you want to store your cottonseed oil then it is a good idea for you to do this in a cool and dark place. When you do decide to cook with cottonseed oil, it is advised that you don’t use copper instruments. You should also avoid using utensils as well. The main reason for this is because when you use copper, it can make the oil deteriorate and this can also cause problems for you as well.

Is It Safe?

Cottonseed oil has relatively low concentrations of fat and it also has very low levels of trans fat as well. It does come in unrefined and processed versions, so it is a good idea for you to try and make sure that you are doing everything you can to use the healthier version. Another thing that you should note is that cottonseed oil contains gossypol and this makes the colour of the oil yellow. This can actually be toxic to animals that are non-ruminant however if you consume it in moderation then you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

Refined Cottonseed Oil

When you look at the cottonseed oil that is in the US, you will find that over 93% of it is engineered genetically. Cottonseed oil is so popular and now manufacturers have found a way to enhance it. Some of the ways that it has been enhanced include the fact that it has had the gossypol lowered and that the yield from each plant has also been increased as well. The oil’s PUFA value and even the Vitamin E concentrations have also been modified so that they can provide the user with a much higher nutritional value.

The last modification includes a reduced level of fatty acids so this is something else that you need to think about when the time does come for you to get started. Cottonseed oil that has been refined is known for being pure and clean but the problem is that when it is refined, this helps to expose a number of chemicals and it also changes the chemical structure. For this reason, even though it is still better for you, you have to make sure that it is used in moderation.

There are some reports that cottonseed oil has a very high level of pesticide chemicals and that it is also contaminated with mould. Reports also say that this can lead to a ton of allergies as well, so if you know that you are allergic to canola oil or if you show signs of being sensitive to it then there is a very high chance that you will have the same sensitivity to cottonseed oil as well. It is a good idea that you stay clear of vegetable oils as well. A lot of people state that this type of fat should be avoided at all times but that isn’t the case at all. In fact, you will actually find that it can be helpful to your heart and it is great if you need to opt for a healthier oil to cook with.

If you insist on cooking with oil then coconut oil and cottonseed oil are both great choices. Olive oil on the other hand should only be used as a cold salad dressing and the main reason for this is because it is sensitive to rancidity.

We all use cottonseed oil in our daily lives but a lot of people don’t understand the health benefits that it has to offer. Snacks that are fried in cottonseed oil have a very high shelf life.

History of Cottonseed Oil

Cotton has been around for thousands of years and it has been found that people from all the way back to 3500BC wore cotton as well.  As centuries went by, more and more research was done and it was found that they used cottonseed oil as well. They extracted the oil from the cottonseed and they found that this gave them a lot of different benefits. Some of which can be found below:

Cottonseed Uses

Cottonseed oil actually comes under the vegetable category and it is considered to be one of the most popular oils in the kitchen. It can be used in a huge variety of ways and this includes dressings for salads and even for deep frying as well. One of the main reasons why cottonseed oil is so very popular is because it contains a huge amount of antioxidants. This is essential if you want to stay healthy and it is also essential if you want to get the maximum benefit out of your day to day cooking. You will also find that cottonseed oil is incredibly rich in Vitamin E and this is essential if you want to fight the free radicals that are in the body. If you have too many free radicals in the body then this can lead to serious diseases such as cancer.

You’ll also find that cottonseed oil is very low in cholesterol and it is great for lowering your current cholesterol levels as well.