Testosterone is a sex hormone of significant importance to a male. Testosterone levels need to be maintained and produced in sufficient quantity throughout life to maintain muscular strength, definition and tone. A powerful hormone, testosterone is a regulator of a male’s drive, both sexual and otherwise. This includes: libido, virility, energy, motivation and strength.


What is an androgen receptor?

How does the androgen receptor promote increased muscle size and strength? The androgen receptor (AR) is a member of the steroid hormone receptor family. Androgen receptor ligands such as testosterone and locally synthesised dihydrotestosterone, bind to the androgen receptor. Once together they relocate into the cell nucleus where they can turn on the genes and communicate instructions for …

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Testosterone Supplementation

Testosterone without Side Effects – Does it Exist? Assuring that a healthy balance of testosterone is present in the body, most men will have to consider their options in treating a testosterone deficiency at some point in their lives. Testosterone supplementation is available, and upon confirmation of declining levels, this is made possible by injection. …

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