Skin Health & Beauty

Skin health and beauty coincides with inner health. Many of us are very conscious of our external appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles have always produced motivated shoppers. What is often promised in a bottle, doesn’t come close to what can be seen when a person is glowing with inner health and beauty. Hormonal imbalance is a surefire recipe for accelerated ageing. Peptide supplements have benefits in that they change the internal messages being communicated within cells. Especially as we age, correcting hormonal signals from one of degeneration to one of rejuvenation is a step in the ageless direction. Skin health and beauty can be maintained and optimised here at Peptide Clinics.


Tanning Options

Let’s face it, most people look better with, and prefer a tan. So,.. what are the best tanning options? Unfortunately, the quest for the glowing sun-kissed look often comes at a cost. Here are the pros and cons of each tanning option. Sun: Everyone loves the sun, and we do need our daily dose of Vitamin …

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Tanning Injections – Reasons for its popularity

What are tanning injections? Tanning injections aka the “Tanning Peptide” provide a source of melanocyte-stimulating hormone that enters the bloodstream. The message communicated upon entry is to increase the production of melanin. Melanin is the skin pigmentation we all have that responds to UV light and is the primary determinant of our skin and hair colour. Melanin …

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How to increase melanin production for UV protection

Melanin Production – Our skins protective buffer What is Melanin? Melanin is the skin pigment produced that protects our skin from UV radiation and its coinciding damage. It could be considered our own natural sunscreen. Low levels of melanin Low levels of melanin mean that the skin is highly susceptible to receiving DNA damage with overexposure. This …

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