Fat & Weight Loss

Fat Loss Tips
Review fat loss tips to improve your ability to lose weight – particularly as you age. Fat loss is substantially harder as one approaches midlife. Hormonally, the body has specific requirements that oftentimes are not being met. If you have tried and failed continuously at weight loss, our suggestion to you is to get a blood test of your current hormone levels. By identifying the hormonal deficiencies you are experiencing, you can take control of your weight before it worsens.

Fat Storage and Hormones
There are some hormones associated with the regulation of one’s fat storage. Leptin, for example, is an adipokine. Leptin is released from fat cells and hormonally signals the brain regarding food consumption and energy expenditure. When one’s body fat is in excess, often there is far too much leptin being released. This can cause leptin resistance, thereby altering normal signalling to the brain. The result causes a vicious cycle which does nothing to improve fat loss. Peptide supplementation has been known to assist those looking to lose weight.


Peptides for Fat Loss

Reduce stubborn fat reserves with fat loss peptides Looking to rid your body of unwanted fat once and for all? Then start by converting your body’s metabolism into an efficient, fat burning machine by including peptide supplementation in your weight management program! There are countless numbers of scientific studies and clinical trials that have proven peptide supplementation to be …

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