Bodybuilding Tips
Bodybuilding tips for those interested in optimising their training and encouraging the growth of lean muscle mass. When your body is not responding as you would like it to, regardless of the time invested, weight lifted, mental energy …. you may have to investigate as to why….. are your hormones in check?

Bodybuilding Tips – How to shred body fat and gain muscle mass
Learn more about bodybuilding and muscle building peptides and how to optimise the messaging system in your body. There is new information published daily regarding our bodies, the science of health and fitness and preservation of muscle mass into old age. Bodybuilding tips can help you harness your strengths and visualise results faster.


Common Workout Injuries

Prevent common workout injuries before they happen In this age of living, working and playing hard, we’re beginning to learn that fast is not always best and “going hard” can often lead to the opposite desired effects. Yet the change in attitude and approach is taking a while to catch on. Recent studies show a …

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What is an androgen receptor?

How does the androgen receptor promote increased muscle size and strength? The androgen receptor (AR) is a member of the steroid hormone receptor family. Androgen receptor ligands such as testosterone and locally synthesised dihydrotestosterone, bind to the androgen receptor. Once together they relocate into the cell nucleus where they can turn on the genes and communicate instructions for …

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How to Build Lean Muscle Mass

Bodybuilders know the secret to building shredded slabs of muscle – Do you?   Peptides have been used by bodybuilders for years to achieve muscle gains, build lean muscle mass and promote physical enhancement! True, bodybuilders have also been known to use steroids. There is a distinction between peptides and steroids, which you should familiarise …

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The Misconceptions about Peptides and their Use

Oftentimes the only exposure someone may have had to the word “Peptide” is through stories  featured in the news regarding peptide use in professional sport. Unfortunately this coverage has neither educated nor painted an accurate picture of peptides and their mechanism of action. As it pertains to science, even understanding its role and benefit is cumbersome if …

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