Baldness and Desirability

Is baldness sexy?

Traditionally, not so much. And flipping through mainstream magazines and clicking the cable channels through movies old and new, a man with a full head of hair still seems to reign as the ideal man — a man few suitors would say no to sharing a coffee or a cocktail with.

And yet, thanks to a growing number of celebrities, the bald male head is not only far more visible in the limelight these days, it’s become something of a sex symbol. Balding affects around 40 percent of men, which is a lot — and all the more reason to embrace the naked male head as not only a symbol of desirability, but also perhaps the way of the future.

The new status is in part thanks to hot bald celebrities and also, as the New York Times noted in its Fashion and Style section in recent years, to thinning celebrities shaving their heads. Think Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, John Travolta.

“Thanks to such pioneering royalty, commoners no longer have to deal with creeping baldness as farmers do with droughts, desperately nurturing, praying, begging and paying to get something (anything) to grow atop our infertile plains,” writes the Times’ Daniel Johns, thanking star athletes Andre Agassi and Kelly Slater as well as big screen stars Sir Ben Kingsley and beloved REM frontman Michael Stipe for taking the clippers to their receding hairlines and revealing their bare top proudly. “Instead we’ve been liberated to rise up, stand tall and torch our fields with a pre-emptive razor strike (and to emerge from the flames like Samuel L. Jackson or Dwayne Johnson a.k.a the Rock, arms rippling and grizzled domes beaded with sweat).”

Standing tall, high fiving and flexing muscles are not ordinarily the actions associated with the onset of baldness. Hair loss can be traumatic for both men and women, writes a psychotherapist in Psychology Today.

Many balding men report feeling a hit to their ego when baldness really takes hold. This sort of bruised ego can lead to existential issues, from depression and anxiety to significant life crises. Shaving the remaining hair is one empowering step that balding men make. Another is to research and embrace healthy therapies that can help restore hair growth.

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