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Peptides: The Anti-Ageing Wonder

Keen to look and feel 2 decades younger?

Of course you are! Peptides have been deemed a miracle anti-ageing treatment and are now widely used by many clinics throughout the world as a means of cell and tissue rejuvenation.

What Causes Ageing:

  • There are many causes of ageing. One of the major ones is the decline in the amount of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) our bodies produce over time. HGH is a growth hormone in children, but in adulthood, it is a repair and maintenance hormone, stimulating tissue repair and replacement as cells are damaged or killed
  • By age 40 our HGH levels are half of when we were 20
  • At the age of 60 many people are growth hormone deficient when compared to a healthy twenty-year-old
  • So the less HGH that our body produces, the more incapable our body becomes to repair damaged cells
  • It is this accumulating, unrepaired cell damage that contributes to ageing!

Areas of damage that can be reversed


Skin Damage

  • The sun, UV rays, and cigarette smoke are all damaging to skin cells
  • Peptides promote type II Collagen production, resulting in less wrinkles and smoother, firmer skin

Energy and Sexual Function

  • Sexual changes with ageing are striking for both men and women
  • Peptides restore sexual potency and sexuality in men
  • Many women report increased libido, heightened pleasure, increased lubrication and multiple orgasms
  • Peptides may also assist with menstrual and post-menopausal symptoms

Bone Deterioration

  • Our bones weaken with age
  • Peptides can rejuvenate damaged bone cells and increase bone mineral density and strength
  • Physicians are now using peptides to treat Osteoporosis

Memory Loss

  • Dysfunction of, and loss of, brain cells are responsible for memory loss, resulting in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Peptides work to heal damaged brain cells and promote new nerve cell growth and increased connections between the nerve cells, preventing age-related cognitive deterioration

How can anti-ageing peptides help?

  • Some peptides stimulate our body’s natural production of HGH. They are called growth hormone secretagogues.
  • HGH is responsible for both repairing damaged cells and stimulating new cells to grow from dormant stem cells

Through growth hormone secretagogue peptide supplementation you can force your body to repair damaged cells responsible for aging!

In Summary:

  • Peptides are considered among the most effective anti-ageing treatments on the market because of their ability to repair and grow new cells throughout our entire body
  • They also work to keep you healthy by promoting fat loss and lean muscle gain