How to Use Peptides – Administration Guide

The advantages / disadvantages of each methodology.

The main ways you can get a molecule into the body is:

  • Injecting it through the skin, straight into your body
  • Applying it to the skin topically, (the outside skin), or transdermally
  • Applying it to the skin on the inside of your mouth (oromucousal)
  • It can be applied through the rectum and absorbed that way
  • It can be applied through the vagina and absorbed that way.

They’re all skin surfaces through which molecules may be absorbed. Oral intake and swallowing is the same sort of thing, as putting it into your stomach where it is absorbed through the skin lining of your stomach into the body.

How to use peptides : Advantages and disadvantages of each method:


Injections are very effective at getting a molecule into your body because you bypass any barriers or any obstructions with a little pointy needle.

You inject the molecule straight into your body and then it distributes through your blood and through your lymph system throughout the body to all cells of the body.

It is very effective. Everything you inject is in your body. The bio-availability is effectively 100%, Everything you want to get in, you’ve got in.

The difficulty is that it’s an injection and depending on the size of the needle they may or may not hurt.

If what you are injecting is in a fluid base, you can use a very thin insulin needle and its painless, you don’t feel it at all but if what you are injecting requires an oily base because its fat-soluble molecule that needs to be put into an oil, then you need a larger diameter needle to push that oil through.

This then can be a little more painful but not agonising.


Applying the molecule to the surface of the body but to different surfaces which have different effects. You can mix the molecule into a cream or a gel and apply it to the skin and depending on the size of the molecule and the health of the skin and the fat solubility of the molecule it may be absorbed through the skin.

We use this method with a lot of different drugs. If someone is having angina we can apply nitrates to their skin and its absorbed through the body to treat angina.

If you need assistance with tobacco withdrawal you can apply nicotine to the skin and its gets absorbed through the body to help with the withdrawal effects and many hormones are fat soluble and a small enough molecule that they can be absorbed through the skin.

Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone can all be applied to the skin, as can the growth hormone secreting peptides.

The difficulty with skin absorption, other than the fact that the bioavailability depends on the size of the particular molecule but also there is variability between individuals, so some people absorb creams better than other people and there is no way of predicting how well a particular person will absorb the creams.

Around 10-20% of people don’t absorb creams particularly well so it’s not an effective way of getting the molecules in, but the other 80-90% do. It can be helpful for that 80-90%, but the bio-availability is not going to be 100% like it is with an injection.


You can apply molecules to the surface of the mouth because the mouth is a much thinner, more absorbent membrane than the skin on the outer body which is a thicker, sort of more impermeable barrier.

Applying the molecules as a troche, which is a lozenge that dissolves slowly in your mouth or as a spray which you can spray under your tongue and holding in your mouth which is an effective way of getting the molecule into the body as long as you don’t swallow it.

If you swallow it straight away then you take it out of your mouth and take it into the gut, then you have disadvantages with some of the peptides that are swallowed.


If you swallow the peptides, the peptides are small proteins and your gut and your stomachs job is to break down any protein or peptide you eat into its small constituent amino acids so that then absorb those amino acids and build up the proteins that you need inside your body. There are some proteins and molecules that your body cant break down and those are the ones that you can take as an oral supplement and swallow.  They will be absorbed without being broken down and have their functions

There are some proteins and molecules that your body cant break down and those are the ones that you can take as an oral supplement and swallow.  They will be absorbed without being broken down and have their functions

They will be absorbed without being broken down and have their functions though out the body, however many of the peptides we use for growth hormone secretion, they are broken down so anything that gets into your stomach or your gut either as a tablet or as an oral spray or a troche form that you swallow will not be active in your body.

So it is important that if your using troches or lozenges that you are very cognisant  of not swallowing the dissolving spray or lozenge, that you keep it in your mouth for as long as you can, without saliva so it has a chance to be absorbed through the lining of the mouth and has a function as an intact molecule.

Rectal and vaginal

Throughout the world different cultures have different social barriers to applying medication vaginally and rectally.

For example in Australia we use paracetamol as a suppository which is rectally applied for kids which is especially good if you’ve got vomiting and you cant keep an oral application down then a rectal application gets it into the body to have its effects.

Sterility of  Utmost Importance

In terms of GH secreting peptides, the injection is the most effective way, 100% bio-availability in a fluid base, so it’s a thin needle, so it’s a painless injection you just need to be careful of maintaining sterility.

So keep the needles clean, keep the skin clean, don’t reuse the needles and as with any medication, look after the medications.

The peptides have good shelf lives especially when kept in the fridge, so just make sure the peptides don’t change colour and use sterile techniques and the injections will be safe and effective.

And if you are interested in the technique of injecting peptides, we have a video on the website, which goes through the details of how to do it safely and effectively.

We supply needles and syringes with our peptides for your convenience. We provide our peptides premixed and that way we can maintain sterility and have a good shelf life.

In Australia, it’s illegal to provide them as a powder as this relies on people mixing it themselves which are oftentimes contaminated in the process.