3 Tips on Anti-Ageing for Men

Slow down the ageing process

We live in a world where more and more people are increasingly infatuated with the need to slow down the ageing process. As you start to age, your skin starts to wrinkle, lose moisture and become more prone to damage. Most people need to accept that the process is natural and you cannot stop the inevitable.

Women generally tend to start their anti-aging regime earlier than men. Perhaps men simply don’t care enough, but unfortunately that also means they tend to look a lot older than they are. We’ve come up with 3 simple tips for men to add to their daily routine and slow down the unavoidable, to look and feel their best for longer.

  1. Skin Care Moisturising
    This is a long-term investment but can lead you to amazing results. In fact, the sooner you start the better. It is also best if you know what skin type you have. Oily, dry, acne-prone? There’s a massive range of moisturisers that will combat that, suited to every type of skin.
  2. Drink more water
    Not only is drinking 8 glasses of water a day good for overall health but it also prevents dry skin as the water will flush out toxins from your system. Our skin is made up of 30% water and drinking enough water will keep you hydrated and ensure a glowing complexion.
  3. Sleep
    Getting only 5-6 hours of sleep can make you age quicker. In fact, your body repairs its cellular levels during sleep and this is the key to keeping your mind and body healthy.

As you age, your body starts to produce less and less growth hormones. And did you know that Peptide clinics offer Andropause Treatment available in the form of injections and transdermal creams? We recommend purchasing anti-aging peptides as an injectable rather than a cream as they tend to be a lot more effective. The injectables bypass the skin barrier, allowing all the peptide to be absorbed into the body.